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The work shows impressions of views into a mosque. Fragments of gestural paintings of my sensations, performed by movement of my arms appear in curved zones under the monochrome colour-field. The movements behind the colour-field go far beyond the scope of the painting and show that our perception only can capture a small section of our environment, the rest is fiction. We all should try to open our mind and to use our fantasy and knowledge to find out how relations in paintings work—just as in real life.

When I came to Cairo 5 years ago I was looking for a continuation of my artistic work. As in my former 7 years living in Spain, I wanted to react to the visual reality of this country. The idea was to connect my stored European visual world with optical sensations of Egypt. For 2 years I studied the Pharaonic heritage and worked with its forms and shapes in my paintings and experimental prints. It culminated in my exhibition “IN TUT’S BANDAGES” at the Egyptian Museum Cairo in 2007.

Then for the next 2 years I dedicated my work to views on Islamic Art in Cairo with all its characteristics. Thereby I produced my recent series “FRAGMENTS” in which I intended a fusion of my European-affected visual world with the found works of Islamic Art in mosques, on walls, in and on palaces, in daily life.

In my works I try to unify two opposite styles: gestural painting and colour-field painting. My passion is to find own ways of printmaking und to mix different techniques as painting with printing and newly with digital pictures.